Boutique Hotels

Small luxury boutique hotels offer an alternative to the typical luxury hotel experience. Expect intimate settings with full service accommodations. These tiny gems offer personalized service, hip exteriors and exquisite furnishings. If you want a completely different luxury hotel experience, check out our list of the top boutique hotels in Kefalonia 

FiscarDonna Luxury Suites
All Ionian Island's Authenticity, in a Boutique Hotel
F ZEEN Retreat Hotel
Luxury retreat in kefalonia Focused on romance, relaxation and privacy
Kefalonia Grand Boutique Hotel
Perantzada... 1811 Art Hotel
Perantzada... 1811 Art Hotel in Ithaca island is a newly opened Art Hotel located at the picturesque port of Vathy on the island of Ithaca, off the western coast of Greece.
Thalassa Boutique Hotel
Elegance, discreet opulence, unparalleled level of quality
Agnantia Boutique Hotel
Agnantia combines romance, tradition and elegance
Emelisse Art Hotel
Emelisse Art Hotel is the embodiment of luxury and sits in supreme serenity among acres of cypress and cedar trees, overlooking the Ionian Sea
Olivemare Boutique Hotel
A stylish, eco-friendlly Boutique Hotel
Petani Bay Hotel
Enjoy and dream with the breathtaking views and sunsets of the Ionian Sea!