Lefkada Island
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Lefkada is named by the white rocks (Greek leukos=white) in the Lefkata cape, southern part of the island.

According to mythology, the poetess Sappho threw herself to the sea at Cape Lefkada because of the love for Phaon.

A huge earthquakes destroyed the major part of Lefkada first time in 1948 and after that in 1953, so a very few examples of the traditional architecture are still standing on the island. However, the Island’s architecture was influenced by numerous western civilizations, especially the Venetian, but also lots of traditional houses can be found across Lefkas.

Apart from crystal clear blue sea and spectacular beaches, there are numerous other attractions in Lefkada including plentiful natural beauties, historic sites, museums and monasteries.

There are a plenty of beautiful sandy beaches on the island, but the most popular include Porto Katsiki, 45km southwest of Lefkada town, near Lefkata cape, accessible by the 347 steps sloping of the mountain and Egremni Beach, located about 30km from Lefkada’s capital, surrounded by imposing cliffs. Visitors in Levkas shouldn’t miss discovering its lovely mountainous and seaside villages.

The main village is Lefkada Town, the capital and administrative center of the island. It’s also the most vibrant town of the city. The other villages are typically tourist resorts that especially come alive during summer months. Some of the most popular Lefkada’s villages include Agios Nikitas, Vasiliki, Kalamitsi and Sivota village.

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